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Single Speed vs. Fixed Gear

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Single Speed vs. Fixed Gear

What's the difference?

Single speed bikes are fitted with a freewheel, whereas fixed gear bikes are not. On a fixie the rear cog is joined with the rear hub, so when the wheel turns, the cog will turn too.
This means that when you stop pedaling on a single speed bike, the back wheel will continue to turn but the cranks (pedal arms) will not. 
On a fixie if you stop pedaling the cranks will continue to spin. This means that you are essentially always pedaling on a fixed gear bike with no way to coast. On a fixie you can actually brake by preventing the pedals from moving. This locks the rear wheel in the same way the brakes on a normal bike do.
Whether you choose to ride "fixed" or "free," single speed bikes offer a great ride at a great price, and really keep things simple! Little maintenance is needed to keep these bikes riding great!
Retro City Cycles sells great single speed/fixie bikes from Retrospec, Pure Cycle, Fuji and State Bicycles.  All of our bikes come with a "flip flop" hub so you can decide if you want to ride single speed or fixed!  Stop by and see us today!